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Proposal for Our Sectorial Office Reconstruction

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We need to make some change and update our existing structure to make appropriate expansion and renovation in Maamo Jagrti,  Ananda Márga Yoga and Meditation hall with appropriate CR,  display  area and food shop to promote our philosophy  bring an improvement  according to the need and development of society.

We have two parts in this existing house, one part where we have yoga and meditation hall in ground floor and second floor of that sectorial office and residential area. In ground floor another side there is vacant deposit hall, which is now unutilized and use as dumping area.

On that part we want to construct a new 2-storey building planned as “Yoga and Meditation hall with bathrooms and 2 outlets to display our products and food shop to promote  our philosophy and vegetarianism. Our project is ready which our Board members and Spiritual Advisory have approved. Now it in under process of approval from government agencies and offices for a building permit.

Total area - Ground floor 162 and second floor 154.

We need your kind cooperation to materialize this project all together we can make it possible by His grace. We want to start construction this as soon possible so coming year 2021, Baba’s Birthday centenary can be celebrate in new atmosphere comfortable ambience.

Kindly extend you cooperation through Ananda Marga bank account.
ACCOUNT NUMBER: .  #3477347556315
Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha

Our old Maamo building


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